Haal het voorjaar in Huis met Trendy Interieuraccessoires

Bring spring into your home with Trendy Interior Accessories

Spring , spring ... that sounds nice, right? Although we cannot yet say that spring is just around the corner, the desire is great every year. The first rays of sunshine that enter your house again, a soft temperature outside that allows us to slowly forget about that winter coat, longer days, ... spring! Still, it remains a dream for a while and it is up to us to simply get that tasty fiber into our home!
Very simple, by freshening up your interior with interior accessories in nice, fresh and trendy colors! At Toff Label we have an extensive collection of handmade interior accessories, from trays to candle holders, coasters, serving trays, pots and cake stands. In this blog post we take you on an inspiring journey through the latest colors and combination options to give your home a fresh, contemporary look.
Fresh interior accessories
Let's start with the colors that are in fashion this season. Think of soft pastel shades such as peach and lilac combined with vibrant colors such as sunny yellow and coral pink. These colors bring a touch of spring into your home and create a harmonious atmosphere.
  • Trendy Combinations
One of the charms of handmade interior accessories is the possibility of combining different pieces in a creative way. For example, consider a pastel-colored tray paired with bright candle holders in contrasting shades. Or play with different textures by combining a lemon yellow coaster with a terrazzo serving tray. Let your imagination run wild and discover unique combinations that reflect your personal style.
  • Trays: A Stylish Basic
Trays are not only practical but also stylish. Choose a handmade tray in one of the trendy spring colors as the basis for your decoration. Place some small pots filled with flowers or herbs on top to add a touch of nature. The tray serves as a beautiful centerpiece on your coffee table or dining table.
  • Candle holders: Atmospheric Light
Nothing brings more atmosphere to your home than candles. Choose candle holders in different shapes and colors to create a warm glow. Place them on a tray or spread them subtly throughout the room. Mix and match candle holders in tonal colors or go for a bold contrast.
  • Coasters: Functional and Stylish
Coasters are not only functional, but also an opportunity to show off your style. Go for handmade coasters in cheerful spring colors and combine them with your favorite cups and glasses. This way you not only add color to your table, but you also protect your furniture in a stylish way.
  • Serving Platters: Serve with Style
A serving platter is a must-have for every hospitable host or hostess. Choose a striking serving tray in a trendy color and use it as a base for serving snacks, drinks or even as a decorative element on your kitchen table.
  • Jars and Cake Stands: Small, but Striking
Small details often make the biggest difference. Place handmade pots filled with spring flowers on windowsills or shelves for a subtle yet striking touch. A cake stand can serve as an elegant centerpiece on your dining table, ready to showcase your homemade treats.
  • Conclusion: Bring Spring Indoors
With our handmade interior accessories and these inspiring ideas you can effortlessly bring spring into your home. Experiment with colors, combine different pieces and discover how small changes can make a big difference in the atmosphere of your home. At Toff Label we believe that handmade accessories not only decorate your home, but also tell a story. So what are you waiting for? Bring spring into your home and give your interior a personal and trendy touch with our unique collection!